Pupusa’s are delicious corn flour discs stuffed with a variety of ingredients. We offer four distinct flacors to enjoy: Organic Black Bean & Cheese, Organic Zucchini with sweet corn, chili poblano & Cheese, Spicy Mirasol Pepper & cheese, or Organic (Vegan) Black Bean.

Pupusas are enjoyed in every Salvador an home and now these local treats can be experienced at yours! Our pupusas are made fresh and then immediately frozen and packaged for your enjoyment. Easily reheat in the oven, stove, or on the grill. This carefully handcrafted food can be served as a meal or an appetizer. Enjoy with Curtido!


Curtido is a type of light, cabbage Salad. It is typical in Salvadoran cuisine, and is usually made with cabbage, onions, jalepenos, and carrots. Packed with vitamins and made with apple cider vinegar, it resembles a tart coleslaw. It is commonly served alongside pupusas, the national delicacy, but it is also eaten as a topping or side to many dishes. Serve as a compliment to any dish, curtido is commonly preferred as a topping to tamales or as a healthy complimnent your vegetarian or vegan diet! Curtido is a great addition to a vegetable salad or enjoyed by itself. Its gluten free, fat free and packed with vitamins!

Enjoy a fresh and healthy taste of El Salvador.

Trust us, its more than food...its and experience!